2013-04-12 06:26:51 by Dylnmatrix

I'm stuck. Musically.

For the past couple weeks I've been trying to write some new songs in a different style, but no matter what happens, I end up reverting back to my old style. Like, I'll write something that sounds cool, then, one day when I'm bored, I'll end up writing that same melody in my old style, just to see what it sounds like, I end up really liking it, and it sticks. I've only been writing music for a year, I can't already be at my 'musical plateau' can I?

Also, I'm having trouble writing short songs now. My songs always end up being over 5 minutes by the time I feel satisfied.

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I hope my friend that I'm going to be seeing today for music can help me get over this.


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2013-04-12 08:24:33

I understand this completely - stylistically I feel that I'm getting narrower and narrower, and it seems like a problem I can't fix without taking drastic measures of some kind. I'd suggest trying a new genre or sound perhaps, but it isn't a simple solution.

I am noticing a lot of your songs are trance/techno - what DAW are you using?

Dylnmatrix responds:

Yeah, it's a lot easier said than done. I'm going to try and go for Electro/House, Complextro, or something around those genres, as my friend is going to teach me how to make those styles.

Also, I use FL Studio.


2013-04-12 10:50:40

Good luck. I tried moving from iambic hexa- to pentameter in poetry this year, and after a decade of using pretty much the same style it wasn't an easy transition. Takes a while to get into the structure of thought.


2013-04-12 15:08:25

I understand your frustration. These things can take time. I would recommend taking a walk, doing some "light" reading, anything to clear your head. Try not to think about it, and don't let it stress you out. Creativity is like a powerful piece of technology- sometimes, it needs to be recharged. ;)


2013-04-16 07:54:45

When I get stuck in a pattern of writing what I do is put the guitar down for a couple days. Then when I feel particularly creative I pick it up, and something new comes out. I realized that by doing this, I am not "forcing" anything out of my guitar. I am letting myself create with no boundaries. I know the music theory teaches us to color within the lines, but believe it or not, I have learned that we practice music theory so that we may one day break the laws of it. One way to do this is by using "modes." I don't know if you are aware of what they are, but I could show you if you wish. Send me a message if you are interested. They really help to break the monotony that one might feel when they have hit a "rut." Don't worry my young friend, you haven't hit your plateau, because there is no such thing when it comes to music. We can always get better. You take care bruddah.