Asking for your guys' help

2013-04-25 13:25:09 by Dylnmatrix

So, FL Studio 11 came out and the demos that came with it have some great bass work (in my opinion) and I was wondering if you guys could help me find some good tutorials on how to make basses like that in a(n) Electro House/Complextro progression. Most of the tutorials I find either use Massive only for the bass (which I just don't have the money to get right now), or they just show how to make the bass in Sytrus, without showing how to put it into a progression.

If you guys don't understand what I'm asking for, I want to make a complextro/electro house track and I have no idea how to work with the bass and drums. I want to make a song either like this (I'm going to check Seamless' tutorials out later today, but if you know better tutorials, help me out and let me know) or like this.

I'm not sure if you can put links in comments, but if you can, great. If you can't, just PM me the links. I'm not saying you have to go searching through thousands of tutorials, and I'm not forcing you to, but I'd be really grateful if you guys could help me out, especially if you've found good tutorials on either Youtube or any video streaming site. Thanks in advance guys!

Also, in case you guys didn't know: I use FL Studio (the Signature Bundle), and own Z3TA+ 2, Sylenth1, and reFX Nexus 2. I also have Gross Beat and dblueGlitch, so if that helps narrow down the results, awesome.


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2013-04-25 13:33:48

Well Nexus is good for making bass but I might be confused with what you mean.

If you are talking about "bass" after the drop, all that hyper shit going loopy around the place then thats probably made in massive or just samples that are cut and pasted together, which 7/10 is the case.

But if you just mean cool bass I'd roll with Nexus. Pop it open, swing some verb on it and play around with the attack spike low.


2013-04-25 13:37:26

Links aren't clickable in comments, but you can still post them. As for the links... I have none. :/ Good luck with that though.