2013-06-25 22:39:27 by Dylnmatrix

Me and my friend Karl (IonicForce) are in the process of making an epic Complextro and Trance mixture of epicness. Dunno when it'll be done, but me and him just finished working on it for 4 hours, and it's been in the works for a month now. But it will definitely be on Bandcamp when it's done, and you guys will get so many links. Too many. Maybe not. I don't know. I'm tired. I'm going to stop typing now.

Sneak, Sneaky, Sneak peek~

Still on a summer hiatus too, in case you already didn't know. Here's the news post explaining it.


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2013-06-26 08:01:20

Yay! :D Good to see you're still making music, Matt, even during your hiatus. It sounds good so far, even though it's not my favorite genre, but I especially like the parts at 1:00 and 3:09. :) How's your job going, btw?

Dylnmatrix responds:

Ah, I had fun making those 2 parts last night, glad you like it. Hope you like the full track when it's done ;)

Also job is going good. Had a stressful week last week due to the train breaking down when I was driving it, making us evacuate the train. :/ But it's fun, and I got the DJ that plays here to play some of my songs in his set, so I get to hear my music in the park every now and then :3


2013-06-26 12:47:34

Sounds cool! ;) So...what IS your job in particular? You mentioned drive a train in an amusement park?

(Updated ) Dylnmatrix responds:

Oh right, I never really said. I'm a ride operator, stationed at Xtreme Swing (picture at the bottom of this page ( and the Minnesota River Valley Railroad, which is the train that goes around the park (

My job goes from being one of the 2-4 loaders at the Swing to being a Control Operator, or I can be the crossing attendant for the train's intersection with the main pathway of the park, the Conductor, who lets people in, makes sure that the train leaves on time, and stands in the back giving all the spiels. I can also be Engineer, who drives the train.