2013-07-06 04:34:55 by Dylnmatrix

So it's 3 am and I have be to work at 9, and here I am, on Newgrounds, updating you guys. Ended up working on the collab all night and now I've sent it over to Karl to put the last drop and then we'll put the outro in, and then start putting the finishing touches onto the track. It's going to be a longer track, as per usual when it comes to me.

Also, I'm open to adding people on Facebook now, since I'm getting back into using it frequently for updates about work and talking with Karl. If you have a Facebook and want to add me, go ahead and send me a friend request and let me know who you are somehow (comments, PM, in the friend request (if you can still do that)) so I don't end up ignoring your friend request.

I want to sleep some more, as I took a 3 hour nap after work yesterday and then woke up at 11, but I can't go back to sleep because I know I'll end up sleeping past my alarms. Today's going to be interesting.

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