New stuff from me! Not now, but we're working on it anyways.

2014-03-12 02:53:22 by Dylnmatrix

I may have said that I'm not going to be posting new originals/remixes on here, but I will make news posts about them.

Hey guys! So me and Ionic Force are hard at work again with a remix that was originally for a Beatport contest but the deadline was March 11, 2014 at 12:59AM for us, but that's long gone as you can see. Do we care? Eh, not really. We weren't in it for the prizes. We just wanted something to get us out of our creative rut.

This is a preview of what we've got so far. I cut out the intro and the first complextro drop. The drop you hear here is just so we had something reminiscent of the original. The original didn't really have much of a melody, just that bass riff was it. There wasn't a chord progression, so it was just G# all the time. So I got to put my harmonizing skills to the test and pulled that gritty arp melody out of my ass. Then after Ionic Force made the pad and other arp, I ended up making that piano break. This track wasn't a particular favorite of mine by FTL, but I'm really enjoying making this remix.

Here's the original by Far Too Loud if you wanted to compare or something like that:


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2014-03-12 03:36:03

People like you are killing NG. Just post the dang songs here too, with Soundcloud.

(Updated ) Dylnmatrix responds:

With how much I promote NG on other sites, I don't really see how I'm killing Newgrounds. I'm also a paying supporter, and will continue to be. I just...wanted to move on from posting songs on here, held down by the CC license when I want to sell my music and push it out to labels. If I could disable downloads here and/or change the license on certain tracks, I would happily upload more songs. I would also like to do more remixes using samples from an original that's not on Newgrounds, like this one I'm doing now, that the post is really about. But I have to follow the rules that Newgrounds has set in place and not do that.

I'm sorry if this upsets you but what happens happens. I've just found better outlets that are easier to manage and possibly garner small income from. I still care about NG though and as I said will always support it. I mean, why do you think I'm on here everyday?

And honestly, why should you care if a nobody like me leaves? You don't know me, you haven't (to my knowledge) listened to my music or given me feedback, so why should I care about your whining? Why am I even writing this rambling reply? I don't even know anymore.