2014-04-24 11:19:17 by Dylnmatrix

Got a question.

Should I continue uploading my remasters of old tracks here as new projects, or should I just update the old projects?

I just finished remastering Zoltage and that already has 2 uploads, the original and the first remaster, which I don't really consider a remaster now.

If I updated the project for the first remaster, then I would let you know with a news post, but honestly who reads these and goes to listen to an updated track that's been up for a while? I tend to get more results with uploading a new project, but I have a feeling that may annoy some people, and I get almost zero feedback with old tracks being updated.

I'm also going to continue remastering old tracks that I feel deserve it throughout the year in between new tracks and working on a possible summer EP.


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2014-04-24 11:48:51

I read news posts! You could delete or just leave the old ones and upload your reremastered track, but make sure it's a big enough difference from the other ones so an audio mod doesn't get the wrong impression that you're trying to spam the portal.


2014-04-24 22:59:48

I'd encourage you to upload the re-mastered versions, but ultimately whatever you want to do is fine with me! :) Looking forward to your future work, as always! Btw, did you get that PM I sent you about the you-know-what?


2014-05-19 18:30:26

I favor uploading remasters as new projects, unless the changes are minor. Otherwise, some of the reviews may not even be applicable anymore. I think updating the old project is fine too as long as you also make a news post about it.