Isolation is out and we've got a gameplan.

2017-05-05 06:42:11 by Dylnmatrix

Hey all!

So Isolation's been out for a while now and it's about time I update the news post. With how infrequently I update these, I'd recommend you follow me on Twitter if you don't already to get a more play-by-play look at things as they develop.

Anyways, Isolation. Our staple complextro alongside an orchestrated opening that starts out our album's storyline at the end.

It's available on Bandcamp (comes with Solitude), iTunes, Google Play, alongside many more international stores. You can stream it on Spotify, Youtube, Soundcloud and Newgrounds.


And with that done, here's our current gameplan for the next couple of months:

- Next single to be released mid June-early July

- All tracks composed and ready for post-production by end of July

- Album release end of August.


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