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It's here!!!!

2017-07-23 19:23:44 by Dylnmatrix


The album is available for pre-order on Bandcamp! Get immediate access to the two singles, Isolation and Forlorn Hope, Solitude and the title track, Dawn of the Machines!


Hear a mix here on Newgrounds and on Soundcloud.

Have a clip of Tabula Rasa

2017-06-25 23:56:27 by Dylnmatrix

Mixdown's still very rough but me and Karl are flying through this track, which happens to be the last song to end the album and the last song in the Zion trilogy (all 3 tracks together are totally going to be 30 minutes long...)






In case you want an idea of where we are on the album:


Hey all!

So Isolation's been out for a while now and it's about time I update the news post. With how infrequently I update these, I'd recommend you follow me on Twitter if you don't already to get a more play-by-play look at things as they develop.

Anyways, Isolation. Our staple complextro alongside an orchestrated opening that starts out our album's storyline at the end.

It's available on Bandcamp (comes with Solitude), iTunes, Google Play, alongside many more international stores. You can stream it on Spotify, Youtube, Soundcloud and Newgrounds.


And with that done, here's our current gameplan for the next couple of months:

- Next single to be released mid June-early July

- All tracks composed and ready for post-production by end of July

- Album release end of August.

The intro track to Equilibria's next EP/Album is nearing completion. Isolated Solitude is a combination of two tracks, Solitude (the prelude we uploaded a while ago) and Isolation. It's our longest track to date, the full track sitting at 9:36. 52 hours total were poured into the tracks, not including a 5 hour tangent we went off on experimenting with the first drop.

This is also the first track to purposely have a theme, thanks to FiveHead's idea written in his review of Solitude. Long story short, an emotional boss battle you don't want to go through set in a cyberpunk universe.

Here's the full project file:


and Solitude:


ICYMI a couple weeks ago, we released our Equilibria remix of my classic track Inner Demons. The track is available to download off Bandcamp and is streamable on Youtube, all 3 of our Soundclouds and here on NG.


Soundcloud: Equilibria, Dylnmatrix, Ionic Force


In other news, you may have noticed that I changed my icon. Me and Ionic Force went and finally updated our icons to fit the new logos we made over this past Memorial Day weekend. We made one for all 3 projects, keeping them simple but similar. I'm pretty proud with how they turned out, and I'm glad that everything has an official logo now.



















Along with the logos, we've gone and made a seperate Soundcloud page for Equilibria, in case you couldn't tell. Over the next few days, we'll be uploading one track per night in reverse chronological order, until we reach Double-Edge. So far we have up to Equilibrium uploaded, and tonight I'll start uploading Infinite Realms, starting with my track Leap of Faith. Having the seperate page will help keep all of our tracks organized and with both of us having access, if one of us can't upload, the other can go ahead and take care of it.

Check out the page if you haven't yet: http://soundcloud.com/equilibriaofficial

Want to know what I've been working on since Zenith? Here you go. Not going to say what it is, unless you can guess what track it is.


Zenith and other news!

2016-04-09 16:20:48 by Dylnmatrix

Hey all!

Been a while since I've made one of these.

In case you missed it, I've released my newest track, Zenith, a week early, exclusively for Newgrounds and my website! Why? I dunno, sort of felt like it. My Newgrounds page has been quiet since I released Equilibrium and I usually give followers on my website my tracks a week in advance. It can be purchased through Bandcamp right now. I also got Ionic Force to hop on Newgrounds for the first time since 2013 and we finished uploading the rest of Infinite Realms! Speaking of Ionic Force, Equilibria's now working on a remix of an oldie by myself. What it is, I don't want to say yet, but it's turning out to be a really fun song to revisit and expand upon.

In other news, I've been uploading a bit more frequently to my Youtube channel! If you were ever curious about what I do in my freetime, I've been making timelapses of some projects I take on in between original works. I plan on making timelapses of my own tracks in the future, but I need a much better setup before that. Timelapses are uploaded on Mondays, typically every week, but I've already missed one, so most Mondays, expect a timelapse video.

Here's one of my favorite ones. It's a cover of Aimer's Brave Shine (Fate/Stay Night: UBW OP2) that was transcribed by Animenz. If you asked me why I'm doing these, I'd shrug and say they're fun to do as well as a way to keep my channel active.

I believe that's all she wrote for now.

I'll keep you guys updated on future works on another date!

Equilibrium is here!

2016-01-29 12:38:30 by Dylnmatrix

In the case that people still read these...

Hey guys! Equilibrium, the newest single from Equilibria, is finally here! Digging more into my trance roots, we've combined Trance/Hardtrance alongside Electro/Breaks. We had loads of fun writing this, particularly later in production when we got Impact Soundworks' Juggernaut and Celestia Kontakt plugins, because percussion and cinematic shit, yo.


The track is available for streaming ^here^ or on our soundclouds (insert link here) and is available for purchase on Bandcamp!


Now back to hiding, until the next release.

(Edit: Oh yeah, the preview has been updated to match the track in terms of quality and is now downloadable)

Update from Equilibria

2016-01-11 15:49:09 by Dylnmatrix

Equilibria's been in the works with something since the end of 2015. We're looking at a late January-February release date. Yes I know this video is shit quality but that was intentional as I recorded this on my phone. I'll post a new update when we upload a legitimate preview, if that happens, in the future.

In case you've been dying to know what we've been working on lately, here's a phone recording of the first breakdown. We also needed to post something here as it's been a while since anything relevant was posted.Don't know if we'll release a full preview or not, only time will tell.


Posted by on Monday, January 11, 2016


(In case the video doesn't show up, click here)

Man, it's about time I updated my news post. So, how're you guys doing?

On my end, I've been good. The past 7 months have been busy due to my job at Cedar Point taking over my life, but music got done, it got released, and I never properly advertised it.

First things first, Infinite Realms has been released! Not only is it available on Bandcamp, it's also available on iTunes, Google Play, and Spotify! On top of that, I've also uploaded most of the tracks here on Newgrounds! Unfortunately, I can't upload the Ionic Force tracks off of the EP due to me not being him and Newgrounds' rules, but the EP is streamable off of Bandcamp, so not too much to worry about there. Here's the playlist of all of my tracks alongside the Equilibria tracks.








Next, I've got a track that I've been working on for a while now. You may recognize it from the WIP I uploaded a few months ago, and now it's finally finished as of a few days ago. I present Hyperresonance, a harder trance track of mine, with more focus on the musical structure of the track while staying within the realms of EDM at the same time.


This track started out as just some doodling to look at the UI improvements from FL 11 to 12, and slowly evolved throughout the summer, with me gaining inspiration from Tales of the Abyss alongside other smaller things, and just general boredom making me feel like writing more. It was also the in-between track that I worked on to get my mind off of the new Equilibria track that's in the works, which has hit quite a few snags due to the complexity of the track.

Anyways, with that I'm pretty much done. This should last you guys a while until I finish some new music, which hopefully won't be too long this time. Enjoy!